About Us

Young Black and Brown Professionals are leaving Philadelphia.

What The Community Says:

We retain, attract, and cultivate young black and brown talent

Our Stratgey

Member Fulfillment Framework

Wealth Building
We host webinars to teach members how to master personal finance, understand financial markets, and sound investment strategies.
Professional Development
We catalyze career advancement by equipping our members with the tools knowledge and networks to advance in their field.
Civic Engagement
We facilitate public sector advocacy by connecting you to your local representatives.
We highlight and support small businesses while equipping members with entrepreneurial resources and edification.
Arts and Culture
Art inspires possibilities.
We connect you to inspiration.
Community Impact
We  donate our skills time and intention to our local community organizations to improve the quality of our city.
We grind hard, but we party hard too. Philly is fun, if you're in "the know". We bring "the know" to you.
We prioritize our mental and physical health with event based healing.
Get Connected.
Join the largest community of young BIPOC professionals in Philadelphia.