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Bloom Institute of Technology

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Join the millions learning to code with Codecademy for free


Cognizant® Skills Accelerator is a direct pathway to employment for up to 2,000 interested US jobseekers, who after participating in the program, can apply for available roles at Cognizant. Participants who complete a series of online learning modules with high scores will be considered for a variety of in-demand roles (e.g. Java Developer, AI) across Cognizant. Jobseekers accepted into the Cognizant Skills Accelerator will receive an edX subscription license sponsored by Cognizant, which will allow you to enroll in each of the five edX courses listed below at no cost to you.


Start learning from the world’s best institutions

Free Code Camp

Learn to code — for free. Build projects. Earn certifications.

Future Learn

Earn CV-ready certificates, learn at your own pace and get long-term access to thousands of high-quality short courses.

Grow With Google

Job-ready skills you can put to work Flexible online training programs designed to put you on the fast track to jobs in high-growth fields.

IBM Skills Build

Power your future in tech with job skills, courses, and credentials—for free.

Microsoft Learn

Build skills that open doors. See all you can do with documentation, hands-on training, and certifications to help you get the most from Microsoft products.

Open Learning

Empower yourself with world-class courses from educators and institutions in a practical and social learning environment


Looking to get certified in cloud, level up in Linux, or pave a new career path with Python? Pluralsight Skills can get you there—whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro.

Product Management Roadmap

Here's a few FREE courses and resources that you can use to become a Product Manager. This study plan is focused on building and retaining skills and creating a portfolio to land a job

Project Management Institute

KICKOFF™ is a free project management course that makes learning the basics of PM easy! With the KICKOFF™ course you can learn the basics of project management in under 1 hour. Tailor your playbook (Agile or Waterfall) to learn how to manage projects you work on. Even if your title isn't project manager.

Road to Hire Student Apprenticeships

It’s time to change the way we identify, support and hire diverse talent. Road to Hire and its partners support underrepresented high school students, college students and young professionals on their way to strong, sustainable tech careers.

Satellite Tech Sales Training

Satellite has created a better way to train, assess, and connect diverse sales talent with high-growth companies. Learners become sales certified in weeks and employers access top talent in days. Launch a rewarding sales career. Hire high-potential sales talent quickly.

The Mom Project

RISE is an upskilling certification program designed to center women and moms of color, and reach those who are traditionally underrepresented in the workforce. We are here to challenge stereotypes and create access to advancement in one’s career.


Put your future career first. Pay tuition when you're hired.

Trailhead Tech Sales Training

Learn in-demand skills, connect with fellow Trailblazers, and build your sales career.

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